The List is a suspenseful text adventure game that pushes moral boundaries. 

It follows Yale University junior Aden Harris as he and fellow fraternity pledges endure a week of hazing. Their current task is to complete a nightly scavenger hunt, or list of items by any means necessary without getting caught. It entails: Shoplifting, breaking and entering, and shady dealings. 

The player will have the option of choosing between three teams -- all of which have their own set of perks and consequences -- and much more! No matter the choices the player makes, they have the chance to earn a permanent spot in the prestigious fraternity – Skull and Bones – and be awarded $50K towards tuition. 

Enjoy the game!  

*Note: The original in-game background shown in the screenshots is unavailable in this game version due to technicalities. Many apologies for any inconveniences this may bring. 

**Game Updates: More choices, and new bonus content have been added.

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